First Visit

Intake Paperwork and Procedure

When you enter our office, we have some brief paperwork for you to fill out concerning your current, and historic medical state. This paperwork provides our team with some generalized information about you, your current medical condition, and medical history.


When you have finished the paperwork, you’ll be taken back to have an initial consultation with your chiropractor. During the consultation, your chiropractor will ask you questions and discuss with you your problems and concerns, as well as how they may be treated.

This consultation is performed to determine what the root cause of your problem might be. Your chiropractor will ask you a variety of questions related to your current condition, pain, etc. If necessary, you’ll undergo variable specialized testing for the chiropractor to determine what areas are affected, and how bad your condition is. This testing can include x-rays to assist our team in cultivating an optimal treatment plan for your condition.


Once your chiropractor has completed the consultation and examination, you will likely be provided with your first treatment during this visit. This initial treatment ordinarily includes minor spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapy depending on your condition.

You will also receive instruction on therapies and procedures that can be performed on your own at home. This includes ice or heat application, avoiding specific activities or positions, and exercises that you can perform to alleviate some of the derivative effects of your condition.


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