Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the most relaxing, health promoting therapies that you can undergo to the benefit and unification between your body and mind. Massage therapy stimulates the circulatory system, reducing tension in tight muscles, even improving the overall function of the nervous system.

Many of our patients enter our office with the opinion that massages are simply stress-relieving back rubs. While the stress relief may be accurate, massage therapy enhances skin tone, provides a decrease in the amount and intensity of headaches and migraines. Massage therapists are able to focus on different techniques and areas of the body to provide different types of benefits depending on your needs. The important thing to consider is that any massage therapy of any kind is beneficial to your overall health and stress level.

Swedish massage – A gentle massage technique that is a great entry-level therapy. Swedish massage helps to optimize your level of relaxation through broad, smooth strokes. This technique releases tension stored in the muscles and kneads areas that require additional an additional level of focus.

Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) – METs are incredibly useful if you’re experiencing a decrease in the range of motion in your muscles, or are in need of pain management and rehabilitation. METs involve the use of countering force by you and are effective in pain management and relief.


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