What to Expect

Many of the new patients that we see at Dynamic Healthcare Center are unsure of what exactly to expect from their very first chiropractic care appointment. We begin with a basic intake process accounting for your entire medical history, then performing a physical exam to determine the root cause of the issues. We may additionally need to employ imaging and lab tests to confirm the initial diagnosis. This information helps our specialist to reach a concrete diagnosis, and to determine what chiropractic techniques might be optimal for your condition.

Our team will work harmoniously with you to determine if the services that we provide are right for you. We will explain and educate you on your condition, and recommend a customized treatment plan. During this process, we can review with you any risk or benefit to any procedures we recommend for you.

Based on the severity of your condition, our treatments may necessitate multiple visits. We can additionally advise you on exercises and therapies that you can perform at home, in addition to lifestyle modifications, and nutritional advice.


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